Monday, February 13, 2012

The story continues…

Yes! Those of you who have read The Boneshaker might have anticipated it (and I was crossing my fingers for it): there is more. I am honored to be working on the prequel to The Boneshaker, entitled The Broken Lands, due out in September!

Yes, you read right, it’s a PREquel! The author takes us back a further 30 years and to New York, just around the time when the Brooklyn Bridge was built. You will meet some already well-known characters, several intriguing new ones, and mysteries that lingered with you after reading the first book will be… solved? deepened? added to new ones? If you can’t wait until September to find out, go to Kate Milford's Website, she has posted some first peaks…

Here is a first look at the cover:

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sara Wilson Etienne's "Harbinger" is released today

I had the pleasure to contribute a painting to celebrate the release of Sara Wilson Etienne's amazing debut YA novel "Harbinger".

(cover image and design by Kristin Smith)

25 incredible illustrators and artists have picked their favorite scenes and characters from HARBINGER to celebrate the release of the book. Each week, in the gallery at the Holbrook Academy website, a new illustration is unlocked. On March 3rd, all twenty-five illustrations will be shown at the Hive Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Here is the piece I painted:

Go to Sara's website for the fun interview she did with me, and to for a great article about the book.

Walk the Path! Congratulations Sara!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"3 Wünsche" von Petra Oelker - Bilder von der Lesung

Nach einer großartigen Lesung von Petra Oelker haben wir uns die Finger wund signiert und danach über die Entstehung der Bilder gesprochen und viele interessante Fragen beantwortet. Meine Lieblingsfrage war, ob die zukünftigen Bücher von Frau Oelker nun auch illustriert werden. Ich sage ja bitte!

Vielen Dank an alle, die vorbeigekommen sind! Es war ein wunderbarer Abend!

After a fantastic reading by Petra Oelker we signed till there were no more books and then talked about developing the ideas and doing the research for the paintings. Of course we also answered many interesting questions, my favorite being if the future books of Petra Oelker will also be illustrated. I say yes!

Thank you for coming by! It was a wonderful evening!